APhA President Steven T. Simenson Visit

The Gainesville campus was honored to have Steven T. Simenson, BSPharm, FAPhA, FACA, President of APhA speak at the final ASP meeting of the semester.

Stressing the importance of collaboration as a means of success in the field of pharmacy, Simenson promoted the idea that “culture trumps strategy,” and that surrounding oneself with like-minded people is a key to success. With a competitive job market awaiting each of us upon graduation, it is important to build upon strengths and to find a niche in pharmacy. President Simenson provided examples of ways to distinguish oneself from the crowd, to collaborate with other health care professionals, and to provide maximal care. Some areas that provide great opportunity for collaboration are managing chronic disease states including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, diabetes, and pain management. Dr. Simenson’s words of wisdom were motivating and showed how much opportunity there is to make a difference in the world of pharmacy.

– Jessica Graber, Gainesville Campus 2PD