2016 Officers

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Whalen
  • Dr. Normann

Executive Board

Top (L to R): Melanie Rolfe, Carla Figura, Isabel Won, Natalie Sirven
Middle (L to R): Tina Nguyen, Clara-Jessica Rances, Ada Jutba
Bottom (L to R): Oliver Ruiz, Meredith Diamond

  • Oliver Ruiz, President
  • Meredith Diamond, President-elect
  • Natalie Sirven, Vice President of Internal Affairs
  • Clara-Jessica Rances, Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs
  • Tina Nguyen, Vice President of Patient Care Projects – National
  • Ada Jutba, Vice President of Patient Care Projects – Local
  • Isabel Won, Vice President of Communications
  • Melanie Rolfe, Vice President of Finance
  • Carla Figura, International Vice President

Organizational Officers


 (L to R): Quyhnuhu Nguyen (Amy), Jade Levy

Student Council Representative

 Ryan Thomas


(L to R): Douglas Tam, Lucia Curihuaman

The Prescription Newsletter

Camila Galindo


(L to R): Alyssa Lowder, Christine Tabulov

FPA/ACAP Liaison

Amanda Haddad

New Practitioner Network Liaison

Daniel Winslow

National Projects

Operation Diabetes

(L to R): Wenhui Li, Samantha Penalver, Sam Axelrod, Trey Burry

Operation Heart

Top (L to R): Sara Wu, Hoai Khanh Nguyen, Xuan Phan
Bottom (L to R): Ivy Chan, Kristen Tran

OTC Literacy

(L to R): Payal Patel, Haya Kaseer, Celia Curtis, Emily Gibbons

Operation Immunization

(L to R): Jennifer Kight, Rebeca Garcia-Carranza, Mishal Mehta, Tammy Li

Generation Rx

(L to R): Alexis Galamay, Alexandra Hagan

Local Projects

Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness

(L to R): Latoy Waite, Tiffany Harris

American Pharmacists Month

 (L to R): Daniel Winslow, Victoria Nguyen

Geriatric Awareness

(L to R): Amy Yagi, Tiffany Iwamura,

Great Gator Health Fest

(L to R): Jessica Truong, Melody Saunders, Anh Le

Men’s Health

(L to R): Gennaro Hernandez, Justin Muklewicz, Jack Guerci

Mental Health

(L to R): Karina Friman, Jonathan Tran, Erika Williams

Pediatric Awareness

(L to R): Truc Nguyen, Sabrina Oweisi, Joette Amundaray

Poison Prevention

(L to R): Amy Chang, Shannon Lyons

Women’s Health

(L to R): Graciela Meshkalla, Stephanie Hang, Emily Thorp



 Marry Vuong


(L to R): Lisa Deacon, Stephany Fournier


Emily Harman

Infectious Disease

Rubaiyat Zinat

Medication Awareness

Amanda Au-Yeung