2017 Officers

Faculty Advisors

Executive Board

Top (L to R): Jade Levy, Stephany Fournier, Emily Harman, Lisa Deacon
Bottom (L to R): Douglas Tam, Melody Saunders, Meredith Diamond, Samantha Axelrod, Christopher Duphren

Organizational Officers


 Thuyen Van

Student Council Representative

Angelina Vascimini

The Prescription Newsletter

Sung-In Yun


(L to R): Christine Tabulov, Sam Sowell

FPA/ACAP Liaison

Ian Floresta

New Practitioner Network Liaison

Amanda Haddad

National Projects

Operation Diabetes

(L to R): Melissa Hanson, Shaun Blalack, Carys Davies, Kimberly Atkinson

Operation Heart

Top (L to R): Amy Nguyen, Ivy Chan, Aziza Abrorkhujaeva, Jenna Forry

OTC Medication Safety

(L to R): Stephanie Fields, Celia Curtis, Emily Gibbons, Amy Beres

Operation Immunization

(L to R): Yunjae Oh, Mishal Mehta, Tammy Li, Catalina Giraldo

Generation Rx

(L to R): Alexandra Hagan, Crystal Turner

Local Projects

Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness

(L to R): Nakul Desai, Roberto Campbell

American Pharmacists Month

 (L to R): Corey Diamond, Shannon Lyons

Special Populations

(L to R): Josh McBride, Jaclyn Carranza, Alex Lehman, Lisette Menendez

Great Gator Health Fest

(L to R): Young Nguyen, Tanaka Dang, Kennedy Ho

Men’s Health

(L to R): Yang Zhao, Raul Castillo, Ryan Thomas

Mental Health

(L to R): Lucia Curihuaman, Trinh Nguyen, Kayandra Walker

Poison Prevention

(L to R): Latoy Waite, Nicole Gonzalez

Women’s Health

(L to R): Yudelin Gonzalez, Emily ThorpeReesie Owens



 Katie Riden


(L to R): Xiaoqing Ye, Caneel Marrero


Jack Guerci

Infectious Disease

Daniel Wong

Medication Awareness

Alex Huelsman