Mental Health

Mental Health is a local care project dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our community through mental health advocacy and education. Our mission is to improve overall health by promoting positive thinking and increasing awareness of mental health conditions among our student pharmacists and the community at large.

This local patient care project is a new committee at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy – Gainesville campus that leads efforts to manage and reduce stress, a universal challenge that can significantly decrease quality of life. Our activities include organizing and participating in health fairs, hosting events on campus and around Gainesville, as well as creating initiatives that encourage the community members to engage in activities that foster positivity and well-being.
A key aspect of our mission is to emphasize the importance of mental health to student pharmacists. By instilling a deep understanding of mental health in future healthcare professionals, we help ensure they carry this knowledge into their careers and on to their patients. Integrating mental health into the profession of pharmacy is essential for the advancement of holistic healthcare.

We are excited to support the growth of this committee and look forward to making a positive impact on the community.

Mental Health Chairs:

Gainesville Campus

  • Joseph Leiner
  • Jaylee Rodriguez