2018 Officers

Leadership Picture

Executive Board | Chapter Operations | National and Local Projects

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor of Jacksonville Campus
Dr. Carol Motycka, Pharm.D., BCACP

Executive Liaison

Jennifer Ryder
Jennifer Ryder

Executive Board


President of Jacksonville Campus, Vivian Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen

President Elect

President-Elect of Jacksonville Campus, Kayla Peludat
Kayla Peludat

Membership Vice President

Membership VP of Jacksonville Campus, Jeremy Obordo
Jeremy Obordo

Communications Vice President

Communications VP of Jacksonville Campus, Jennifer Parmar
Jennifer Parmar

Finance Vice President

Financial VP of Jacksonville Campus, Victoria LaVine
Victoria LaVine

Policy Vice President

Policy VP of Jacksonville Campus, Lindsey Sinnett
Lindsey Sinnett

Policy Vice President Elect

Policy VP Elect of Jacksonville Campus, Catherine Hudson
Catherine Hudson

International Vice President

International VP of Jacksonville Campus, Melissa Catalano
Melissa Catalano

International Vice President Elect

International VP Elect of Jacksonville Campus, Christen Langley
Christen Langley

Patient Care Vice President

Patient Care VP of Jacksonville Campus, Laura Davis
Laura Davis

Chapter Operations

Fundraising Chairs

Fundraising Chair of Jacksonville Campus, Nicole Rossi
Nicole Rossi
Fundraising Chair of Jacksonville Campus, Jordyn Veres
Jordyn Veres


Member-at-Large of Jacksonville Campus, Alexander Maki
Alexander Maki


Historian of Jacksonville Campus, Ahmad Marar
Ahmad Marar
Historian of Jacksonville Campus, Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

Communications Committee

Operation Immunization Co-Chair, Larissa Marchetti
Larissa Marchetti
Jourdan Boyle-Taylor
Jourdan Boyle-Taylor

National and Local Projects

Operation Diabetes

Operation Diabetes Chair, Corrine Singer
Chair: Corinne Singer
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair, Haley Lewis
Co-Chair: Haley Lewis
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair, Daniel Valdes
Co-Chair: Daniel Valdes

Operation Heart

Operation Heart Chair, Kyle Volland
Chair: Kyle Volland
Operation Heart Co-Chair, Morgan Leavins
Co-Chair: Morgan Leavins
Operation Heart Co-Chair, Kate Nguyen
Co-Chair: Kate Nguyen

OTC Medicine Safety

Operation OTC Med Safety Chair, Danielle Morgan
Chair: Danielle Morgan
Operation OTC Med Safety Co-Chair, Nicole Maranchick
Co-Chair: Nicole Maranchick
Fundraising Chair of Jacksonville Campus, Jordyn Veres
Co-Chair: Jordyn Veres

Operation Immunization

Operation Immunization Chair, Mariah Bigaud
Chair: Mariah Bigaud
Operation Immunization Co-Chair, Larissa Marchetti
Co-Chair: Larissa Marchetti
Operation Immunization Co-Chair, Christophe Valdes
Co-Chair: Christophe Valdes

Generation Rx

Generation Rx Co-Chair, Lauren Ingram
Co-Chair: Lauren Ingram
Generation Rx Co-Chair, Kyle Kirkpatrick
Co-Chair: Kyle Kirkpatrick

Operation Mental Health

Operation Mental Health Chair, Hailey Rutledge
Chair: Hailey Rutledge
Operation Mental Health Co-Chair, Jason Acevedo
Co-Chair: Jason Acevedo
Operation Mental Health Co-Chair, Susan Garcia
Co-Chair: Susan Garcia

IPSF Infectious Diseases

IPSF Infectious Diseases Chair, Christian Cayabyab
Chair: Christian Cayabyab
IPSF Infectious Diseases Co-Chair, Lia Argevani
Co-Chair: Lia Argevani
IPSF Infectious Diseases Co-Chair, Sanny Juresic
Co-Chair: Sanny Juresic