Chapter Awards

2020 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

Washington D.C.

2018-2019 1st runner-up Division A

2018-2019 Division A Back-the-PAC Winner

2019 APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional Meeting

Atlanta, GA

2018-2019 Operation Immunization Regional Award

2019 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

Seattle, WA

2017-2018 Division A Chapter of the Year

2017-2018 2nd runner-up Operation Diabetes

2017-2018 Back-the-PAC Winner

2018 APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional Meeting

Memphis, TN

2017-2018 Operation Heart Regional Award

2018 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

Nashville, TN

2016-2017 1st runner-up Division A

2016-2017 1st Place OTC Med Safety

2017 APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional Meeting

Charleston, SC

2016-2017 Operation Diabetes Regional Award

2016-2017 Generation Rx Regional Award

2017 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

San Francisco, CA

2015-2016 Chapter of the Year

2016 Back the PAC Challenge Winner

2016 APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional Meeting

Orlando, FL

2016 Operation Diabetes Regional Award

2016 Operation Heart Regional Award

2016 Generation Rx Regional Award


2016 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

Baltimore, Maryland

2016 Inaugural National Operational Leadership Award

2016 Back the PAC Challenge Winner

2016 Generation Rx Regional Award



2014 APhA-ASP Annual Meeting

 Orlando, FL

2013 National Chapter Professionalism Award

2012-13 Chapter Professionalism Award

National Operation Diabetes – First Runner Up Award

2014 National Operation Diabetes - First Runner Up

Operation Heart Region 3 Award

2014 Region 3 Operation Heart Winner

Generation Rx Region 3 Award

2013 Region 3 Generation Rx