What Do Pharmacists Do?

During my planning for Legislative Days, I realized that, to get anywhere with pharmacy policy advocacy, we must first educate and spread awareness. While tabling at school is an important task, it only reaches a narrow audience (i.e. the people that walk past your table and actually listen to you). Since much of today’s society is responsive to visually and aesthetically pleasing information via social media – think Instagram or Facebook posts – I decided to create something that would grab people’s attention, be easy to understand, and also provide an insightful look into the world of pharmacy.

Delivering the information in this manner not only reaches a wider audience, but also invites discussion and draws attention to the fact that pharmacy/pharmacy students genuinely care about improving healthcare.

Stephany Fournier, Gainesville VP of Policy

In an effort to raise awareness and kick off our Policy Week for the Pharmacy profession, Stephany, our VP of Policy at the Gainesville Campus created a attention grabbing infographic that has been gaining traction through social media. On the Facebook page, it has already reached over 25,000 users and counting! Check it out and #TogetherWeCan share with the world what we REALLY do as Pharmacists!

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