Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness

According to the CDC, cigarette smoking causes about 1 of every 5 deaths in the United States each year. In addition, alcohol is attributable to approximately 80,000 deaths each year in America.

Tobacco and Alcohol Awareness has teamed up with organizations such as Operation Heart and participated in screenings. We have pamphlets on both alcohol and tobacco use and inform patients about the negative effects of both of these substances. A carbon monoxide meter is used and can measure someone’s carbon monoxide level. We then inform the patient what the numbers mean.

As tobacco and alcohol awareness chairs and volunteers, we attend health fairs around Gainesville and educate the public on the dangers of alcohol abuse and tobacco use. We use hands on materials such as quizzes, beer goggles, and a carbon monoxide meter to help better explain the harm from alcohol and tobacco. This past year we teamed up with Operation Heart and attended numerous health screenings and we also had the opportunity to reach a younger crowd through teaching the Girl Scouts.

Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness Chairs:

Gainesville Campus

  • Megan Milner
  • Emily Perez