Chapter Officers

Executive Board


Acts as the general representative of the Chapter who is familiar with all operations of APhA and APhA-­ASP on the National, Regional, State, and chapter levels. The President schedules, announces, presides, and maintains order and decorum at all Chapter and Executive Committee  meetings. The President composes the annual Chapter Achievement Report for the Gainesville Campus and also assists National Patient Care Chairs in completing their respective annual reports. 

Current President:  Shirly Ly



Works under the President to also act as a general representative of the chapter who is familiar with all APhA and APhA-ASP operations. Assists in completion of the Chapter Achievement Award Report. Attends Summer Leadership Institute at APhA Headquarters in Washington  D.C. Collaborates with all executive board and chair members in large scale events such as membership drive, MRM, APhM, GGHF, Legislative Days, APhA Annual Meeting, etc. 

Current  President-­Elect: Jennifer Estrellado    


VP of Membership      

Assists President in activities involving membership and operational processes including but not limited to: coordinating fall and spring membership drives, managing members attendance and point records, updating the members and preceptor directory, and managing officers submission of event log reports.

The VP of Membership will be overseeing the following Chairs:

Professionalism and the New Practitioner Network Liaison

Current VP of Membership: Savannah Nelson      


VP of Policy        

Acts as conversant in all social and external events in order to promote student advocacy for the profession, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community outreach of chapter activities by: Coordinating Policy Weeks in collaboration with other organizations, like NCPA (including voter registration drives, political/legislative awareness events, fundraisers for APhA PAC/FPA FPPC, etc.). Collaborating with all campuses to fundraiser for PACs. Help prepare members for MRM policy process, as well as help lead MRM policy discussion with other PVPs. Recruit participants for Legislative Days and contact legislatures for legislative visits at Legislative Days, making sure to assign members to each visit. Visit/contact legislatures to advocate for provider status/other important bills (e.g. Visit with Ted Yoho). Oversee the positions of FPA/ACAP Liaison and SC Representative

Current VP of Policy: Ronald Levinson


VP of Policy- Elect

Serve as an aide to the Policy Vice President and shall perform the duties of the President in her/his absence or inability to serve. The Policy Vice President-elect shall oversee the student council representative. They shall support initiatives related to Back the PAC and the FPA PACCE. Coordinate with other student organizations to organize Legislative Days and political initiatives. 

Current VP of Policy-Elect: Lucas Zhou


VP of National Patient Care Projects

Oversees coordination of all programming by National projects (Operation Immunization, Operation Heart, Operation Diabetes, OTC Medication Safety, Generation Rx, Woman’s Health) including event registration, permitting, scheduling, and promotion. Assists chairs in timely submission of event logs, correspondence with preceptors, and annual report writing.

Current VP of National Patient Care Projects: Alyssa Dempsey


VP of Local Patient Care Projects

Oversees coordination of all programming by local projects (Tobacco & Alcohol Awareness, Poison Prevention, Special Populations, Great Gator Health Fest, American Pharmacist Month, Men’s Health, Mental Health) including event registration, permitting, scheduling, and promotion. Assist chairs in timely submission of event logs, correspondence with preceptors.

Current VP of Local Patient Care Projects: Maddie Norris


VP of Communications

Oversees the complete dissemination of chapter communications by recording and posting meeting minutes and agendas, serving as Editor-in-chief of chapter related publications and newsletter committee, managing officers & members calendar, and maintaining all of chapter’s social media.

The VP of Communications will oversee the Historians and Prescription Newsletter Editor

Current VP of Communications: Katarina Lambertson


VP of International

The VP of International is our connection to what’s happening in the world of pharmacy on the international level. This leadership role includes leading 3 teams dedicated to coordinating Public Health Campaigns, Global Health Outreach Trips, and Fundraising events. IPSF, The International Pharmaceutical Student Federation is the largest pharmacy student organization in the world made up of over 350,000 students from 70 different countries. Leading 3 Coordinator Teams, communicating with National IPSF and APhA-ASP officers, collaborating with patient care projects, and other event planning.

The VP of International will oversee the IPSF positions. 

Current VP of International: Ally Campbell


VP of Finance

Oversees all chapter finances including: record of all cash receipts and disbursement from chapter accounts, oversees all chapter fundraising activities, makes detailed annual report of expenses and income to the Executive Committee and advisor by April 15th of presiding year, and files the appropriate tax worksheet with APhA Headquarters no later than April 15th of every year.

Current VP of Finance: Ashley Galbreath


Chair Positions

National Patient Care Projects


Operation Heart


Operation Heart is a national patient care project that provides free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings around the Gainesville Community. We participate in numerous health fairs, screenings, and events throughout the year. We also organize a 5K every year to spread cardiovascular awareness in the community.


Operation Diabetes


Operation Diabetes has a strong reputation for the College of Pharmacy by working alongside the UF Diabetes Center to provide blood glucose as well as HbA1c screenings throughout the Gainesville community. Annually, we hold our Pens & Pumps class, with the goal of making it bigger and better every year!


Operation Immunization


Operation Immunization provides immunization related events throughout the Gainesville community. They participate in events such as health and immunization clinics at local elementary schools, host lunch and learns to create discussion among pharmacy students and faculty, educate the public on the importance of vaccinations through social media campaigns, tabling, and other methods. 


Operation OTC Medication Safety


Focuses on educating 5th and 6th grade students and their families about the safe use and storage of over-the-counter medicines. Through the OTC Medicine Safety Campaign, we will educate 5th and 6th graders, as well as their parents and caregivers on: reading medicine directions, following OTC label directions, proper measurement of medicine, safe storage and disposal of medicine, and consulting with parent or guardian before taking medications


Generation RX


GenerationRx is a National care project that creates awareness of the misuse and abuse of prescription medications. We reach various audiences through community and school “pharm party” presentations. We also take part in Drug Take Back Day to help combat the abuse of medications.


Women’s Health


Women’s Health is one of the newest projects in ASP. They have developed posters/interactive games for their project, teamed up with other projects to volunteer at health screenings, Blossoming Butterfly, and participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. They have created fundraisers to raise money for breast cancer research. 

Local Patient Care Projects:

Tobacco and Alcohol Awareness

The goal of the Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness project within the University of Florida College of Pharmacy chapter of APhA-ASP is to educate the public about the dangers of alcohol abuse, smoking, hookah, and the treatment options available for afflicted patients. We promote alcohol and tobacco awareness by talking with the community about the importance of utilizing safety with alcohol and tobacco.


Poison Prevention

Poison Prevention seeks to conduct outreach and increase awareness of Poison Centers and educate the population about dangers of poisons in the home, at work, and in the local environment. Educates children about poison prevention through numerous presentations at elementary schools and local screenings.

Great Gator Health Fest (GGHF)

As a GGHF Co-Chair you will direct and organize the COP’s largest interdisciplinary health fair in November. Also, you will be able to coordinate local and national project screening sign ups for the monthly GGHF sporting event of the month, starting in January. Screening will occur at a different sporting event each month for one hour before game time in hopes to educate the gator nation fans!

Special Populations

Special Populations chair will seek to make an impact on the geriatric, pediatric, and veteran communities in as many ways as possible. In the past the Geriatric Chairs have organized a team to take part in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K, hosted Brown Bag Medication Review events at various nursing homes, and hosted an annual “Senior Health Fair” in the spring. Pediatric Chairs have targeted the pediatric population through craft days with kids in Shands, nutrition education in county schools, and community events, such as “Be a Pharmacist for a Day”.


American Pharmacist Month


American Pharmacist Month (October) focuses on reaching out to the community and spreading the awareness of the pharmacy profession through publicizing, screenings, and our annual American Pharmacists Month Luncheon with UF student pharmacists. It is an exciting time to see everyone come together to celebrate and honor the pharmacy profession.


Men’s Health


Dedicated to educating and increasing awareness of men’s health and well-being in the community. Mission Statement: motivate men to be proactive about their health, educate the community on men’s health issues, navigate men towards available resources. Opportunities: tabling at various Locations, Men’s & Women’s Health Week, Movember Month.


Mental Health


Mental Health chairs bring awareness to the importance of mental health and provide opportunities for students to de-stress throughout the year. In the past this position has held fundraisers, set up tabling events, hosted a psychiatric pharmacist at a meeting, set up shadowing days, arranged QPR trainings, and organized an outing to the Lake Wauberg ropes course!






Coordinate and track Vampire Cup Blood Drive submissions; host lunch and learns related to various topics, included but not limited to tobacco cessation; various volunteer and fundraising events for humanitarian initiatives, including but not limited to World Visions, Syrian refugees, homeless.


Medication Awareness


The Medicine Awareness Campaign’s goal is to improve awareness among healthcare students and others about medicines in different aspects. This includes antimicrobial resistance (AMR), rational use of medicines, drug abuse, drug disposal, and any other issues related to medicines. This campaign aims to inform about drug abuse and addictions, drug side effects and adverse reactions, drug interaction (drug-drug, drug-food) and polypharmacy, provide free, accurate data about drugs, medication adherence, and increase drug awareness among special populations. Recently they have gathered medications for Migrant Health Fairs and coordinated donations for the underserved population. 


As HIV/AIDS awareness chairs are responsible for hosting one lunch & learn event in spring. In the past, they chose to have the topic of a lunch & learn on Zika virus because that was a hot topic at the time. It is best to try to have the lunch & learn HIV/AIDS related. In the Fall, chairs are responsible for hosting the Hustle for Hope 5K which benefits the Gainesville Area AIDS Project. Planning this event begins in the spring and summer but is held in the Fall. Chairs also create a Bug of the Month Newsletter to keep members educated. 




Duties include: fundraising goal of $2000 per year to cover officer expenses; help with the coordination of fundraising events for specific public health campaigns and initiatives above the normal use of the officer budget.


Infectious Disease


Infectious Disease chair is responsible for bringing awareness to world issues and events related to viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Past chairs have planned a lunch and learn on antimicrobial resistance and brought STD awareness month to campus in April by starting an online Get Tested campaign and shared statistics on how common STDs can be and how easily they can spread. They also initiated the END7 campaign, which aims to put an end to 7 Neglected Tropical Diseases by the year 2020. On World Water Day (March 22) students were encouraged to send a message to their representatives to protect federal funding for the USAID NTD program. Suggestions for the future chair holder include: lunch and learns for World Malaria Day (April 25) or World Tb Day (March 24th), expanding the END7 campaign by creating a committee to plan educational and fundraising events. For STD awareness month, planning an event such as a charity open mic night to raise more funds for victims of human trafficking as well as educate people that getting tested for STDs is healthy behavior and nothing to be ashamed of.

Operational Positions: 

Student Council Representative

Attend all Student Council meetings to report all pertinent chapter activities. Keep the President, President-Elect and other officers informed about items discussed in the Student Council meetings. Update the weekly GNV newsletter with APhA-ASP events.


Invent several creative and exciting fundraisers for the Fall such as our annual Post-Orientation Social, and help to create awesome apparel and other product designs to sell! In addition, chairs organize and plan various fundraisers in the Spring such as the Mr./Ms. College of Pharmacy Pageant as well as coordinating the White Coat Ceremony Fundraisers.

FPA/ACAP Liaison

As FPA Liaison, you will have the opportunity and responsibility of attending and promoting monthly ACAP meetings, coordinating and encouraging students to attend the FPA Annual Meeting in the summer, promoting and attending Legislative Days, as well as assisting the Vice President of External Affairs with publishing monthly Legislative updates. This is a great opportunity for you to network and meet other pharmacists, and other outstanding officials!


Be present and take pictures at each of the meetings and events. If you cannot attend, compile pictures from others to build a scrap book and create a presentation to be used at events such as orientation to educate and gain interest year round. An opportunity to utilize your quality camera and share your awesome photography skills!


Professionalism Chairs promote professionalism and well being amongst student pharmacists. Responsibilities include: organizing the annual APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition, maintaining the Pharmacy Success Guide which had tips and information for Pharmacy school, providing breakfast during finals week, and planning events that will educate student pharmacists on professional etiquette, interview skills and Resume/CV protocol.

New Practitioner Network Liaison


The New Practitioner Network Liaison’s goal is to provide 3rd/4th year rotation student pharmacists with resources, tips for success, and reminders about important events. The NPN Liaison also works closely with our New Practitioner Mentor to provide opportunities, insight, and resources. Responsibilities include: assisting in the APhA-ASP Dual Membership and Spring Membership Drive, and releasing monthly editions of the PRN (Pharmacy Rotation Newsletter), a publication focused on helping students on rotations.

The Prescription Newsletter Editor

The Prescription Newsletter Editors collaborate and network with many student pharmacists as well as pharmacists to bring interesting and fun articles to the members of UF APhA-ASP while promoting the profession of pharmacy. Responsibilities include: contacting members of APhA-ASP to submit articles detailing various events, interviewing pharmacists to provide students a new perspective on pharmacy practice and opportunities/careers, writing various articles, and editing/releasing monthly editions of The Prescription.